Actors play different parts in the theatre, on TV, in films or on the radio. They must be very good at playing different kinds of people and need to look and sound like the character they are playing. The people who are watching or listening need to be able to imagine the actor is really that character.


  • Read through scripts to know what the story is about
  • Learn lines they have to say for the part they are playing
  • Work as part of the team ie other actors, stagehands, directors/producers
  • Rehearse they lines and the scenes they are playing daily until they know them by memory


There are many different organisations for actors and they can be from small local amateur dramatic groups, films, TV, theatres and radio.


Actors will be required to work at many different places, near home and anywhere else within the UK or the world if they are working in TV or the film industry. Indoors and outdoors will depend on the type of role you are acting.

Working Hours

Hours would be irregular and can be anything from 45 hours per week plus, so you would need to be happy working very long hours. Working days, nights, weekends, and bank holidays as needed.


This is variable and would be dependant on what organisation you were working with and whether it was a big or small part you were playing.


You do not need any qualifications to become an actor, just the ability and passion to perform in front of an audience and make them believe you are the character you are playing. There are special drama schools that provide training in being an actor.

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