Dry Cleaning Worker

Dry Cleaning Worker


Dry cleaners use chemicals and solvents to clean clothes and other items that cannot be washed in the normal way.


  • take items from customers and give them a collection ticket
  • sort items according to colour and fabric type and check for damage
  • ag the articles with bar codes or computer chips for easy identification
  • treat heavy stains before cleaning by ‘spotting’ with chemicals
  • weigh items and load them into machines
  • programme machines to match the fabric and the amount of soiling
  • add cleaning fluids and chemicals
  • check, press, fold or hang the items after cleaning


Many Dry cleaners in The Black Country are self-employed. Others are employed by dry cleaning shop, at a laundry or in a factory.


Dry Cleaners do most of their work indoors.

Working Hours

On average dry cleaners work around 37-40 hours a week although many roles can be part time.


Salary varies but on average starting salary is around £14,000.


You could apply directly for jobs. Employers will often be more interested in your personal qualities like reliability, timekeeping and customer care than qualifications.

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