Linen Services Staff

Linen Services Staff


Linen services make sure that hospital departments have stocks of clean uniforms and linen, such as sheets and towels for patients.


  • take items of clothing or linen from wards and other patient areas
  • deliver clean linen to wards
  • sort linen ready for cleaning or washing
  • pack linen for storage or delivery
  • keep records of stock levels
  • issue uniforms to staff


Linen staff in The Black Country are employed by various organisations such NHS trusts, private hospitals and Care homes.


Linen staff work mainly inside and in factory style settings to wash in bulk.

Working Hours

The hours of work for linen staff depend on where they work. Some have normal office hours from Monday to Friday. Others work shifts that include early mornings, nights, evenings and weekends.


Starting salary is around £18,000.


There are no set entry requirements for linen services assistants. Employers may ask for some experience of linen or laundry work or healthcare which could be from paid or voluntary work.

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