Shelf – Stock Filler

Shelf – Stock Filler


Shelf fillers work in large shops such as supermarkets and DIY superstores. They put things on the shelves and display stands for people to buy. In food shops they also fill freezers and fridges. The shelf filler get the items from the stockroom and put them out neatly in the shop. The oldest items are put at the front so they get sold first. Some shelf fillers do other work in the shop as well, like helping at the checkout.


  • Checking shelves and displays to see what is needed
  • Collecting items from the stockroom
  • Filling shelves, displays, freezers and fridges
  • Keeping the shop tidy and making sure the displays and shelves look neat
  • Putting the older food items at the front
  • Helping customers to find items
  • Cleaning shelves
  • Helping at the checkout


Shelf fillers are employed in The Black Country by supermarket chains and other large retail companies. Sometime smaller independent shops can also employ stock fillers.


Shelf fillers may work in a high street shop or in an out-of-town shopping area mainly this job involves indoor working.

Working Hours

Shelf fillers may work around 35- 40 hours a week, although many jobs offer part-time work only.

Salary and Trends

Starting salary is around £14,000.


There are no set qualifications for entry into this type of work some employers may want you to have GCSEs, level 2 qualification many will not.

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