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In the Black Country there are lots of organisations that offer building and construction positions. These firms make up a large proportion of the strategic companies and make a large contribution to the Black Country. A few examples building and construction companies in The Black Country based on turnover and employment local to us would be HOMESERVE PLC, A&H CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENTS (HOLDINGS) LIMITED and BARHALE HOLDINGS PLC.
Working in construction helps to shape the world around us. This industry builds everything from schools to hospitals to our homes. Most people have heard of carpentry and bricklaying but there are hundreds of other skilled construction trades you can do. There’s no shortage of new construction jobs in the UK, with the industry set to need more and more skilled people in future especially in the Black Country
The construction sector is a transformational sector for The Black Country and is hugely important to the region's economy. £1.4bn of the Black Country's GVA is attributed to building technologies with around 23,500 jobs attributed to building technologies in the area.

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