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In the Black Country there are lots of organisations that will advertise for Leisure and sports roles such as the 4 local authorities Sandwell, Dudley, Wolverhampton and Walsall. A few examples of other business admin companies in The Black Country based on turnover and employment local to us would be WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS FOOTBALL CLUB (1986) LIMITED and WEST BROMWICH ALBION GROUP LIMITED.
Think about the things you enjoy doing outside of school or college. Whether it’s going to concerts, the zoo, museums, sporting events, the cinema or spending time with your friends at the local leisure centre, this is where you find it. People now prefer to spend more money on experiences than buying things. From attending festivals, going to the cinema, visiting museums and art galleries, or even working out in a gym – people want to do interesting and fun things with their leisure time. The sports sector is vast, there are also massive opportunities to work in the health and fitness sector in gyms and leisure centres and also in outdoor activities
In 2017 around 6,000 jobs attributed to the sports sector in The Black Country. Enthusiasm, customer service and first aid are the top 3 common skills employers request in job adverts in this sector

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You’ll need customer service skills, the ability to work well with others, patience, excellent verbal communication skills, pay attention to detail, use your initiative and to be flexible and open to change

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Red – Formal Qualifications required – GCSE’s grades 4-9 , Level 3 Qualifications , A levels, or Degree

Amber – Some Formal Qualifications may be required at Level 2 depending on the employer this will vary depending on the organisation and position

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